Base Podiatry are using shockwave therapy to treat soft tissue injuries in the foot and ankle.  It is an effective treatment for plantar fascial heel pain and Achilles injuries reducing  symptoms in just a  few days.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) sends a high energy shockwave through the skin into the affected injury to accelerate healing, improve blood flow and reduce pain.  The metabolic changes in the tissue help promote healing of the injured tissue.  When used in conjunction with strengthening, orthotics therapy and footwear changes, foot and ankle soft tissue injury gets better sooner.  Treatment only takes a few minutes and is very well tolerated.

The podiatrists at Base Podiatry are highly skilled in the advanced use of  ESWT and can determine if it's use is suitable for your foot or ankle condition.   The beauty of treating soft tissue injuries using shockwave therapy is there are no negative side effects, no injections and less use of strong medications.

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