Prolotherapy is a safe, effective injection technique used to strengthen joints, ligaments and tendons which may be injured and strained.

Prolotherapy uses a glucose and local anaesthetic mixture to promote healing of injured joints, ligaments and tendons. In the foot and ankle it is commonly used to treat heel pain, plantar fasciitis, morton's neuroma, plantar plate, Achilles tendon and ankle injuries. The primary action of prolotherapy is to repair connective tissue (primarily ligaments and tendons) that has been strained.
What's involved?
A mixture of 12.5%-25% glucose and local anaesthetic is injected into and around the injured ligament, tendon or joint to create a brief inflammatory response. This inflammatory response starts the healing pathways to rebuild connective tissue and repair the damage. Multiple injections are generally required as multiple areas are often tender and injured. A series of 3-5 injections repeated every 2 weeks is required to generate this response. Connective tissue healing generally takes 3 months
Prolotherapy injections are used in conjunction with other treatments such as orthotic therapy, footwear modifications and exercise to improve symptoms sooner.
As part of your prolotherapy treatment you may be advised to use supplements such as Zinc, Manganese and Vitamin C to provide good nutrients for connective tissue repair.
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