A plantar plate injury is another common condition seen at Base Podiatry.  The plantar plate is a thick ligament that attaches to the underside of each toe where the toe attaches to the foot (ball of the foot) Pain and swelling develops under the foot and patients often complain of a feeling like walking on a stone or coin all the time. The plantar plate ligament becomes strained and the toe begins to dislocate on the metatarsal.  This causes the toe to extend up and sit up off the ground. The ligament gradually gets weaker and may eventually rupture.

A plantar plate injury is often seen in the 2nd toe.  Bunions, inward rolling arches, heeled shoes and osteoarthritis of the big toe joints place more strain through these plantar plate ligaments.

If you are experiencing pain under the foot and around the second toe joint it may be the start of a plantar plate tear.  Call 1300 776 055 now and get a Base Podiatry assessment to get the best treatment and advice.