14 Jun Paraffin Wax Baths Now Available!

We are now offering paraffin wax baths in Mt Eliza and Cheltenham!

These warm wax baths have both a clinical and relaxation effect.  Heated paraffin wax envelopes your feet stimulating circulation and easing the symptoms of arthritis. The cold weather has hit which for some means chilblain season.  Chilblains are caused by poor circulation in the skin when exposed to cold conditions or when there a rapid change in temperature of the feet.

The main symptoms of chilblains are:

  • Burning sensations on the skin around the toes
  • Red, blue or white swollen toes
  • Intense itching
  • Blister like spots developing around the toes



Paraffin therapy is one of the most effective methods of applying deep heat to relive pain and stiffness.  The warm paraffin also moisturises for healthier, softer looking skin.  Regular use of paraffin wax baths can significantly reduce the pain of chilblains and secondary complications associated with skin integrity and poor blood supply.  The deep, rapid heat as the wax turns from liquid to solid creates the improved circulation in the small blood vessels servicing the toes and skin. If you are prone to chilblains then wax baths leading into winter are highly recommended.


Paraffin wax baths are also a common option in heat therapy treatments for people with arthritis or other rheumatic diseases.  Patients can include paraffin therapy as part of their footcare or visit the clinic for this treatment specifically.  Having several wax baths myself I can say that in the depths of winter they are a nice relaxing experience. 

We invite you to book an appointment at Base Podiatry to experience the benefits of this therapy option.


Bookings can be made online via www.basepodiatry.com.au OR

Mount Eliza 1300 776 055
Cheltenham 03 9583 4000

By Paul Wilson

Podiatrist @ Base Podiatry