Ingrowing toe nails are a painful condition where the side of the nail becomes imbedded in the toe.  Incorrect nail cutting, tight or inappropriate footwear or direct trauma can all cause ingrowing toe nails.  Some people are born with nails that are involuted (they grow out curled instead of flat) which have a tendency to become ingrown if not cut correctly.

When assessing your ingrowing nails we look to use conservative options wherever possible.  If the your condition is more severe, inflamed, infected or conservative treatment has been unsuccessful, we may advise a minor surgical procedure to permanently remove the offending edge of nail.

Conservative treatment

This procedure is used to treat ingrown toe nails that are involuted or have a mild nail spike/ingrown nail edge.  The ingrown nail is causing minor discomfort or infection and could leave to a more serious ingrown toe nail.   A form of bracing or packing of the nail edge may be used to promote improved nail growth and avoid further ingrown nails.

Toe Nail Surgery

This procedure is reserved for highly irritated, inflamed and infected ingrown toenails that have extensive involvement of the nail edge.  If conservative treatment has been unsuccessful or you have had multiple ingrown nails in the past then this may also be an appropriate treatment option.

Nail surgery is a minor procedure performed in the podiatrists chair under local anaesthetic.  The offending nail edge is removed and a technique used to prevent the ingrown nail from regrowing.  This is a permanent fix for your ingrown toe nail and often with minimal to no pain after the procedure.  Recovery time is quick.

Base Podiatry has highly skilled podiatrists who perform these procedures  regularly and can provide the most appropriate treatment for your ingrown nail.  Don't put up with the pain of ingrown nails when you can get the treatment you need with minimal pain and fuss.

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