Heel pain affects up to 1 in 10 Australians and is by far the most common foot condition we treat at Base Podiatry.  There can be a number of causes of heel pain.  The cause of heel pain is quite varied, ranging from plantar fasciosis, fat pad contusion, bursitis and heel spurs.  Symptoms can also vary and cause a wide range of problems.  From pain first thing out of bed in the morning or after sitting, dull achy pain during the day to sharp pain with increase activity.
So what's the PROBLEM?

  • You experience sharp heel pain getting out of bed in the morning
  • Your pain increases with walking or running
  • Pain becomes unbearable after long periods of standing
  • Your heel pain throbs and lingers after a gym or run session
  • Your pain is getting progressively. That niggle is now stopping you enjoying your active lifestyle.

What's the IMPACT on you?

  • You hobble out of bed in the morning and struggle to start the day firing
  • You limit or even stop your daily walks or runs because of the pain
  • You can't work to your full capacity because every time you take a step you have a constant reminder of your heel pain
  • You are unable to reach your exercise and fitness goals

Do you want to get back to a pain free heel and manage your condition so it never happens again?
The good news is the vast majority of heel pain can be treated.  At Base Podiatry we take the time to understand why your heel pain has developed to make an accurate diagnosis.  This enables our expert podiatrists provide a tailored treatment plan to reduce your pain and stop heel pain becoming an unwanted intrusion in your life into the future.  Our initial heel pain assessment provides:

  • A thorough assessment of your heel pain
  • A diagnosis of your condition
  • A step by step treatment plan
  • Treatment using the latest and most effective techniques available
  • Orthotic prescription for your foot posture, shoes and specific heel condition
  • Appropriate referrals for scans or specialists if required
  • Peace of mind knowing you have made a positive step to fix your heel pain

If you are suffering heel pain and want to get back to enjoying your life, call us now on 1300 776 055 and make a time with one or our podiatry team.