Foot, ankle or leg pain? Orthotics could be the answer!

26 Sep Foot, ankle or leg pain? Orthotics could be the answer!

Most chronic foot, ankle and leg complaints are caused by the way you walk and run. Foot posture doesn’t just effect foot function, but also leg, knee, hip and back function.

Addressing poor posture and stability
Foot orthotics are prescribed by podiatrists to help redistribute forces and loads that cause chronic foot and leg injuries. This will ensure that your foot or leg condition can rehabilitate in a timely manner and also help prevent the reoccurrence of the injury. Many foot and leg injuries are mechanical in nature. These mechanical issues can arise from poor foot posture or poor functional stability through the legs and pelvis. Addressing these issues with mechanical treatments (foot orthotics, footwear, plantar padding) as well as functional strength and flexibility exercises is key to a successful treatment outcome.

No two feet are the same
Foot orthotics often incorporate specific designs for each individual and each foot and come in a wide variety of types and materials specifically designed to suit your foot posture and footwear. They can be functional to help with injury management and prevention and accommodative to cushion and offload tender pressure areas. To see what’s involved, visit The latest digital and CAD milling technology is used to produce the most accurate and comfortable orthotic product on the market.

A comprehensive 30 – 40 minute consultation including a biomechanical assessment is required to determine the correct prescription for foot orthotics. Foot orthotics are often one component of your treatment plan. Stretches and functional exercises are also recommended. In some cases soft tissue therapy, dry needling and alternative footwear advice are often recommended in conjunction with your orthotics to improve your symptoms sooner.

How much do they cost?
Great news, if you have the adequate cover with your health insurance the appointment, foot impression and orthotics should be partially covered. Considering orthotics last up to 10 years the orthotics are certainly affordable and a worthwhile small investment for your foot and ankle health.

If you are experiencing foot pain or discomfort we recommend booking in with one of our podiatrist for an assessment to determine whether having orthotics fitted is the right path for you.

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