Foot health checks are an important part of managing your diabetes. So why is this important and what's involved?

Basically, higher blood sugar levels can affect the nerve endings in your feet (peripheral neuropathy) and also contribute to poor circulation (peripheral vascular disease) to your feet. Other effects include skin and nail issues, venous insufficiency (swollen ankles) and changes to foot posture. At Base Podiatry, we off a high level of foot care for people with diabetes. Ongoing nail care, footwear advice, sensation and blood vessel testing and advice on how best to manage your foot health on a daily basis. Preventing secondary foot issues from diabetes is an important part of managing your diabetes.

As part of your regular health care, yearly foot checks are recommended by Diabetes Australia and the Australian Podiatry Association to assess for early changes to nerve and vascular health and also treat any concerns you may have with your feet.  Communicating with your GP, diabetes specialist and diabetes nurse is another part of ensuring your diabetes is managed holistically.  Referrals and recommendations in regards to diet and exercise can also be given with a network of dieticians and exercise physiologists available.  Diabetes foot health assessments are claimable through Medicare when you have an appropriate health care plan from your GP.