Fit2Cycle Bike Fitting by Mark Millerd

Fit2Cycle Bike Fitting by Mark Millerd

Podiatrist Mark Millerd, who runs Fit2Cycle Bike Fitting has moved his bike fit studio from Aspendale to the Mt Eliza clinic and can be booked by calling the clinic on 1300 776 055.

If cycling is causing you pain or discomfort then a bike fit is so important in understanding your bodies ability in a cycling posture.  Whether that be road, triathlon or mountain biking, the demands cycling places on your body are far different to running, walking or other sports. The repetitive nature of cycling is one of the main causes of cycling related injury.  So if any part of your bike fit is not suitable for your bodies ability injury and discomfort are likely to occur.  We take the time to fit your bodies ability to your bike.

So whats involved?

  • A thorough postural, strength and flexibility assessment of your body in relation to the demands of cycling
  • A full measure up of your current position
  • Dynamic bike fit on your bike to determine the most appropriate position on the bike
  • Adjustments to the bike to enhance your cycling performance, improve comfort and/or manage an injury
  • Cleat, pedal and shoe adjustments
  • Advice on suitable equipment changes if necessary
  • Advice on exercises to improve your cycling performance
  • Lower limb injury management (if needed)
  • A detailed report of your bike fitting

"Bike fitting is a marriage between rider and bike that improves performance, comfort and above all prevents repetitive injury" - Mark Millerd, Fit2Cycle