Bike Fit Service in Mount Eliza

07 Sep Bike Fit Service in Mount Eliza

Did you know Base Podiatry has a bike fitting service in Mount Eliza?

Mark Millerd, sports podiatrist and cycling enthusiast is passionate about bike fitting and ensuring the function, flexibility and strength of the cyclist matches the frame geometry, pedalling style and cycling posture of each individual. This ensures comfort, but more importantly improved efficiency and performance.

When should a cyclist see a podiatrist for a bike fit?

Podiatrists are foot experts which means they understand the mechanics of the foot in correlation with the advancements and development of the shoe industry. A podiatric bike fitting is valuable when a cyclist is experiencing pain or has declined or plateaued in their ability. Advice on technique, posture and functional strength to ensure the cyclist can get the most out of their cycling experience.

What does the appointment entail?

• A thorough postural, strength and flexibility assessment of your body in relation to the demands of cycling
• A full measure up of your current position
• Dynamic bike fit on your bike to determine the most appropriate position on the bike
• Adjustments to the bike to enhance your cycling performance, improve comfort and/or manage an injury
• Cleat, pedal and shoe adjustments
• Advice on suitable equipment changes if necessary
• Advice on exercises to improve your cycling performance
• Lower limb injury management (if needed)
• A detailed report of your bike fitting

How long does the appointment take?

The bike fitting can take between 1.5 to 3 hours and covers a full physical and cycling assessment with the necessary adjustments and modifications to ensure you leave with the most physically beneficial and comfortable bike fitting. We also ensure that each cyclist have the tools in your belt to apply an ongoing at-home exercise plan to ensure your foot health remains on track.

Is the appointment partially covered by Health Insurance?

If you are covered for podiatry you will most likely be able to claim a portion of your bike fitting through your health fund. If you wish to check your coverage you will need the following item numbers to quote to your health fund:
Extended consultation: F014
Biomechanical Assessment: F118

If you have a new bike or you feel the position you are currently riding in isn’t enabling you to ride at your optimal strength and speed without discomfort, please contact my office on 1300 766 055 or alternatively email
Looking forward to hearing from you.